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Dublin 0

Tramore beach 0


Tramore beach 0

Pub in tramore 0

Tramore beach, Ireland 0

Tramore Beach 0

Pwakaa-Galway,Ireland 0

Galway, Ireland, March 2009 0

Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta – Summer 2006 0

Republic street, Valletta, Malta -doorway opposite to old Theatre 0

Big cranes in the dockyard, Marsa, Malta 0

Curious dogs in Marsa, Malta 0

Here are some of his/her friends.

Hello little dog 0

A stray dog in Marsa, Malta, by the port – he was running with a huge pack of stray dogs, must have been around 20 at least. They were a harmless lot, really funny to watch, and follwed me around for a bit.

Frozen lake in the evening 0

It’s much bigger than it looks – still in Tranås, Sweden.