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Falkenberg, Sweden 0

Valletta terminus again…in Malta back in 2008 0

A little heart 0

Another piece of handmade filigree, this time a little heart charm. If you like it check out and the blog.

Little handmade filigree plate 0

I have been taking some new pictures for my website, Island filigree (see previous post), and managed to get some interesting shots. It was really lucky that we had a good couple of days, but the weather has turned sour again. Well well, patience!

Filigree snake overlooking gothenburg city 0

This is one of the jewelry pieces I have on sale on my website,

Gothenburg City, Landala 0

A little steep hill in Landala with great views of Gothenburg city . Really nice place to sit and enjoy the Springtime sun! I was taking some pictures for my filigree website

Gothenburg 0

By the port,Gothenburg (Sweden) 0

By the port,gothenburg 0

Gorthenburg 0