Monthly Archives: May 2009

White flowers 0

They were actually blue

Trippy forest 0

Not so scary now 🙂

Sunset in the clearing 0

Who knows what might come out of the darkling forest after sundown…

Apple tree in Torpa 0

Torpa by the lake again 0

Little lake in Torpa again 0

This lake was frozen in Winter, and we skated all over it. It was amazin. Now it’s brown and rushy.

Torpa, Sweden 0

A little cabin next to a little lake in Torpa. Such nice weather! But it soured up. Still beautiful. Hoping to go fishing tomorrow.

Cafe’ in in Slottskugen 0

We were sitting at a cafe’ in Slottskugen, a large park where they have penguins and seal (!) and a bunch of other really nice animals. We were overlooking a nice little lake with ducks and stuff. So nice. It was sunny an hot too.