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Lilla Änggården 2 0

Lilla Änggården on the 23rd of June 0

Wavebreaker, saltholmen 0

A small, wooden wavebreaker, protecting the boats inside one of the smaller creeks

Little duckies 0

Concrete block, Saltholmen 0

A concrete block, support for a now gone wooden plank bridge, sits by itself in the still waters of Saltholmen.

Man on rock – Saltholmen 0

Some random guy looking out at sea

Saltholmen 0

We went to Saltholmen, Gothenburg yesterday for an afternoon. It was really sunny, yet windy, and nice enough to spend the afternoon reading outdoors. It’s a really beautiful place, and close by where we set was the ferry which took people to the islands close by. This is my girlfriend climbing the rocks.

Slottskugen in weird purple 0