Monthly Archives: July 2009

Småland – Skurugata 0

More trees and more trees and more trees! (and blueberry bushes)

Småland – Skurugatan 0

The cleft was slopey – down… with lots of space for spiders and trolls… … and up again.

Skurugata – Småland 0

Down in the cleft. Really steep cliffs.

Skurugata – Småland 0

We slowly went down the cleft… and it got more humid.

Skurugata – Småland 0

This week we went to Torpa in the country. On Thursday we went to this park called Skurugata, which is home to the highest point in Småland and also home to the cleft called Skurugata. This is a deep canyon – really humid. Above is the park… We started walking into the forest… until we […]

Sommen 0

Then we went to another lake close by. But it was getting dark and stormy so we went home.

Raklången 0

This week we went to swim in this long and cool lake. Well, not me. It was in the evening and really nice.