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Autumn’s on the way 0

I’ve come up to a little house in the country with my girlfriend’s parents. It’s a really nice place in the middle of the countryside 30 minutes from Tranås. Autumn has set in, and it feels like we’re now closer to Winter, as the memory of Summer fades from our minds and from the very […]

Basic basics: free series of basic digital photography lessons on youtube. 5

Many camera owners at some point think that they would like to learn more about photography. I have as well. I was browsing around for free digital photography lessons, and managed to find a set of 5 short and sweet digital photography lessons on youtube,  packed with great photography advice. You could call it an accelerated […]

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek – Copenhagen 0

Tram tracks at number 11 Hagen stop, Gothenburg 0

Beach – View from Tjolöholms slott 0

A little “Castle” close to Kungsbacka – Tjolöholms slott 0

Today we visited Tjolöholms slott, a late 19th Century “castle” (much more a large country mansion) close to Kungsbacka, in Halland, Sweden. The views of the sea and the forest in the early autumn afternoon were simply amazing. The slott lies overlooking a long formal lawn and garden which lead down to a lovely little […]

Trees in the sunset 0

Empty/Occupied 0

5 sleepy faces – not quite andy warhol 0

I had, perhaps, just woken up. Or I was really bored. Or both. 5 sleepy faces taken from 1 photograph, which was taken some day when I was probably bored.

Viking hut in Sweden (reconstructed) – Vikingsgården 0

pattern 0


Some Stone or Bronze age dice and game stuff found in Lödöse, Sweden – the dice look just like today!!!

Bridge above the road to Lödöse , Sweden 0

A really high bridge, much higher than it looks!! Seems that alot of suicides take place from it…

Annedal, Gothenburg, Sweden 0

Hypeln in July (Sweden) 0