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Walking in Malta – A hike along Chadwick lakes 0

This Sunday, some friends and I went for an afternoon hike along part of the Chadwick lakes, located close to the village of Mtarfa, in Malta. It was a sunny day, and we were all surprised by the amount of water flowing down the streams that fed into the lakes. The latter are actually just […]

Lovely walks in Malta 0

After a long period of hibernation I’m back with some nice, recent pictures. I went for a hike today with two friends an 60 other people We had good fun, and ended the afternoon with a lot of food. Mosta to Mgarr along the Victoria lines, a 19th and early 20th century line of defense […]

One year and 2 months later… 0

It’s been a year and two months since I last posted. During that time I went to Sicily for two fantastic months and then went down to Malta to make some money (we ran into financial problems early on during our stay in Sicily). I still am in Malta. I haven’t taken a  lot of […]

Arriving in Malta 0

Six months after my last visit to Malta I landed again at the Malta International Airport, a small building sided by a large runway. I met two new family members – a white puppy named Poppy and the Fiat Panda which would accompany us to Sicily. Another hectic week of  running errands and repacking our […]