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Time flies 0

My last post was more than a year ago – this blog is turning into a yearly postcard! I hope to break the spell, although life has  a habit of carrying me away. 2016 was an eventful year, to say the least. My wife got a job, I got to keep mine, we moved to […]

Leaving Sweden 0

After one and a half years of living in the beautiful land of  Sweden, the time came for me to leave and head for new lands. Five weeks in Jordan excavating at Tell Abu Al-Kharaz, an ancient archaeological site in the Jordan Valley, my girlfriend and I went back to Sweden for a week, packed our […]

Midsummer’s eve in Tranas 0

By the Gothenburg Opera House 0

View from an ancient monastery in Sweden 0

Pussycat in bed at sunrise, Sweden 0

An old cat lives in the Red Cottage by a lake close to Torpa, Sweden. The cottage is known to be from the 1600’s, today an old, wooden, typically red on the outside structure. Inside it is small and cosy, with a lovely wood stove and warm upstairs bedrooms like this one. I try to […]

The Swedish forest in Autumn 0

Trees now golden, soon lie bare, bony fingers, in the crisp night air.

A short walk to buy eggs 0

A couple of days ago my friend and I went for a short walk to buy some eggs from the farm close by… It was a cold autumn afternoon as we set out down the path from the red cottage. At last we came out from the little road to find ourselves on a sort […]

Autumn’s on the way 0

I’ve come up to a little house in the country with my girlfriend’s parents. It’s a really nice place in the middle of the countryside 30 minutes from Tranås. Autumn has set in, and it feels like we’re now closer to Winter, as the memory of Summer fades from our minds and from the very […]

Tram tracks at number 11 Hagen stop, Gothenburg 0

Beach – View from Tjolöholms slott 0

A little “Castle” close to Kungsbacka – Tjolöholms slott 0

Today we visited Tjolöholms slott, a late 19th Century “castle” (much more a large country mansion) close to Kungsbacka, in Halland, Sweden. The views of the sea and the forest in the early autumn afternoon were simply amazing. The slott lies overlooking a long formal lawn and garden which lead down to a lovely little […]

Trees in the sunset 0

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Viking hut in Sweden (reconstructed) – Vikingsgården 0