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Little duckies 0

Concrete block, Saltholmen 0

A concrete block, support for a now gone wooden plank bridge, sits by itself in the still waters of Saltholmen.

Man on rock – Saltholmen 0

Some random guy looking out at sea

Saltholmen 0

We went to Saltholmen, Gothenburg yesterday for an afternoon. It was really sunny, yet windy, and nice enough to spend the afternoon reading outdoors. It’s a really beautiful place, and close by where we set was the ferry which took people to the islands close by. This is my girlfriend climbing the rocks.

Slottskugen in weird purple 0

White flowers 0

They were actually blue

Trippy forest 0

Not so scary now 🙂

Sunset in the clearing 0

Who knows what might come out of the darkling forest after sundown…

Apple tree in Torpa 0

Torpa by the lake again 0

Little lake in Torpa again 0

This lake was frozen in Winter, and we skated all over it. It was amazin. Now it’s brown and rushy.

Torpa, Sweden 0

A little cabin next to a little lake in Torpa. Such nice weather! But it soured up. Still beautiful. Hoping to go fishing tomorrow.

Cafe’ in in Slottskugen 0

We were sitting at a cafe’ in Slottskugen, a large park where they have penguins and seal (!) and a bunch of other really nice animals. We were overlooking a nice little lake with ducks and stuff. So nice. It was sunny an hot too.

Falkenberg, Sweden 0

Valletta terminus again…in Malta back in 2008 0